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CERC readying paper on tariff norms for 2019-24

NEW DELHI: The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) will kick-start in the next 10 days the process of setting tariff regulations for the next five years of tariff control period, starting 2019, said its chairperson PK Pujari.  A mechanism to address the recovery of additional capital expenditures by power companies on eco-friendly equipment needs to [...]

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Karnataka New Utility-Scale Solar Benchmark Tariff is 30 percent Less at ₹3.05/kWh

  The Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) has fixed generic tariffs for renewable energy projects developed across the state. Generic Tariff for Solar Projects: For grid connected MW-scale solar projects of capacity less than 5 MW, KERC has fixed a generic tariff of ₹3.05 (~$0.0447)/kWh. The new utility-scale solar benchmark tariff is ₹1.31 (~$0.0192)/kWh or [...]

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General Electric’s power unit fights for growth as wind, solar gain

New Delhi: Vistra Energy Corp and Dominion Energy Inc - which serve about 5.5 million electricity customers in more than a dozen U.S. states - both say they are done building combined-cycle natural gas-fired power plants.  Instead, they are building large solar plants, which offer plentiful and inexpensive electricity. This bearish view of fossil-fuel energy, reflective of [...]

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Improving power procurement practices

  In India, there is a great concern over the retail tariffs being charged for electricity, but ironically little attention is paid to the components contributing to the overall costs. Power generation costs make up 70-80% of the cost of supplying electricity, and power procurement practices have a significant effect on that cost. Yet almost [...]

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karnataka energy charge Retrospective charges irk green power companies in Karnataka

They claim that earlier orders of KERC had made it clear there would be no change in transmission and wheeling charges till end-March 2018, and the new order breaches that promise. Bengaluru: Renewable energy developers in Karnataka are agitated over an order passed by the state power regulator imposing “transmission and wheeling charges” on them retrospectively – on [...]

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Under-staffed Power Regulatory body will cost you INR 250 Crore

    The short-staffed Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) that is currently operating at a one-third capacity after two of its three members retired earlier this month, may end up costing consumers a whopping Rs 250 crore. The state-owned power distribution company Mahavitaran Ltd, which provides electricity to the whole state excluding Mumbai, had applied [...]

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Power regulators should shift to a new track, says secretary

  As the power sector struggles to deal with with stressed generation assets worth Rs 1.74 lakh crore, power ministry secretary AK Bhalla has said that there is an urgent need to critically look at the developments in the regulatory environment in the last 15 years since the liberalisation of the sector with the introduction [...]

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Wheeling Charges in Karnataka Increase Five-Fold

  The Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) recently levied 25 percent of the normal transmission charges as wheeling charges for open access consumers in the state. The current wheeling charges being levied are five times more than the charges imposed in the state earlier. According to the KERC order passed in 2014, just five percent of the [...]

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Few energy technologies, sectors on track for climate goals-IEA

LONDON: Only four of 38 energy technologies and sectors were on target last year to meet long-term climate and air pollution goals, a study by the International Energy Agency showed on Wednesday. The IEA tracks energy technologies, including solar, wind, nuclear, coal and gas, as well as energy-intensive sectors such as transport, chemicals, and aluminum, to assess progress towards international goals to [...]

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SREI may write off Rs 360 crore as debtor firms Confident Solar, Resurgent enter liquidation

In its application, SREI Infrastructure said the loans were issued in 2015 and were pending part repayment, said two people familiar with the Kolkata filings. MUMBAI: SREI Infrastructure Finance faces write-off of nearly Rs 360 crore as two debtor companies enter liquidation and a third approaches the end of resolution time. SREI’s loans financed the purchase of Viom [...]

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