Figures to question how we can move from ICE to FCV

Proposition: Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV) cannot replace the UK fleet of passenger cars The following calculations are to support the logic that FCV cannot replace the current Internal Combustion Engine powered passenger car population in the UK. This is the work of DR Colin Herron and not of my company. It is intended solely for [...]

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A methodology for calculating the required number of rapid chargers for a given EV population. by Colin Herron | Dec 30, 2017

It is a frequently heard statement, especially in the press, that the UK suffers from a lack of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This ‘lack of infrastructure’ is cited as being a major barrier to EV-uptake, creating range anxiety and making EVs unviable at the current time. But exactly how many charge points are really required? [...]

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Battery Storage Blues?

Evaporation ponds concentrate Lithium salts for extraction Could a Shortage of Lithium Hold Back the Market for Renewables? Energy storage is increasingly seen as critical to the decarbonisation of transportation and the means to propel the integration of clean renewable energy into the energy supply system.  In this vision of our low carbon future, we [...]

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While the rising solar investments are very encouraging and reaffirm India’s position as a dynamic solar market, some stumbling blocks for certain sections in the value chain still remain. India’s solar power capacity additions were anticipated to exceed 5.1 GW in FY 2016, which was a growth of 137 per cent over the capacity in [...]

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Renewable energy sources have been championed as the future of energy in the past decade owing to serious threats posed to the planet’s sustenance by climate change and contributing factors such as fossil fuels. In efforts to make the transition from conventional fossil fuels to renewable energy, innovative applications such as tandem solar cells, two-bladed [...]

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