Solar power push lights up options for India’s rural women

Solar energy is being used in villages to power small factory units and other such operations as a means of clean power. New Delhi: In her village of Komalia, the fog swirls so thick at 7 a.m. that Akansha Singh can see no more than 15 meters ahead. But the 20-year-old is already cycling to [...]

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Solar Tenders

1. Lighthouses And Lightships Little Andaman / Andaman And Nicobar Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of 4.5kwp Solar Power Plant At Little Andaman Lighthouse. TID : 25351606 | Like Value : INR 1,450,000.00 Due on  30-10-2017 2. Lighthouses And Lightships Port Blair / Andaman And Nicobar Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 30kwp Solar Power Plant At Keating Point Lighthouse, [...]

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Engineering & Design

Best Engineering & design practices employed is an important criterion for delivering the sustained performance of solar power plant at an optimal cost. Many of the time the developers are in a fix to come out with an effective design of the plant which may be due to the timeline pressure, lack of expertise [...]

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