A few months back I went to a blind school on my son’s birthday to gift some sweets and clothes while visiting the blind school i noticed on a very hot summer day all fans were switched off in the school so I asked the orgniser why these fans are  switched off is there no electricity he said sir we can’t offord heavy electricity bills so we only switch on these fans at night so these blind people can sleep at least at night it was very shocking to me so I decided I will put all my efforts to bring electricity to all needy people it is not only a beggar on street is needy there are so many people they are facing hardship of life and they can’t beg even so please support them too  as I have very little sources but i try to do maximum.  so I request all of  you to come forward and help we can at least make some difference  to some people  in the society whatever best way you can support please let me know

Tony Randhawa

This happens because of your contribution towards our Organization. 

1.Your donation will help us  to  our youth education program, 

2.You can help us make sure that no woman has to give birth alone, in the dark.

3. Solar women program members who are traditionally perceived as being a burden and inauspicious to the family, widows in the region are often relegated to a status of the ‘unwanted insiders’. The ‘triple burden’ that they have to contend with, in the form of stigma associated with widowhood, we will try to provide each entrepreneur with the mentoring, training, and business support they need to successfully build their businesses and reach more people and make them depended 

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