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Best Engineering & design practices employed is an important criterion for delivering the sustained performance of solar power plant at an optimal cost. Many of the time the developers are in a fix to come out with an effective design of the plant which may be due to the timeline pressure, lack of expertise & domain knowledge etc..

The developers enrolled as members of the association can avail the expertise of its 500 members strong team comprising of the best of class Design, Structural engineers and technicians from the globe at an affordable cost.

It also offers the flexibility to hire the talent from the pool of resources on an ad-hoc basis and as per the demand requirement of the project.

Moreover, this platform provides the Win-Win Scenario to both the developers and the Companies offering its expertise.

The key benefits to the EPC Developers & investors of the service offered are:

  • Availability of the best in class Design talent at an affordable price
  • Leveraging the talent resources from the Association would enable the EPC takers to take up multiple projects simultaneously</li
  • Hiring the talent on a need-based basis would result in overall reduction in its overhead expenses.
  • Better clarity & accountability

The key benefits to the firms and individuals offering its expertise are:

  • Wider exposure and opportunity to network with niche players
  • Minimal Business promotional expenses
  • Better remuneration and increased business volume

EPC Developers, Design, Structural Engineers & Consultancy firms can enrol with our association for their mutual benefits.

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