Member’s of Solar Association are all as a family. We stand for each other  as Solar Association We support all our  Member’s for their issues our slogan is “United We Stand ” we will try to help each of our members  to maximum strength 

Solar Association can help our Members 

  •  Solar Association is an NGO having  members from (Developers, EPC player, Manufacturer, Ex-Senior Govt Officers)
  • There is huge potential for the solar project and solar panels manufacturer are limited in India.
  • So we invite you to start a solar panel manufacturing unit there is a good scope for the sale of solar panels/Inverters/Other components.
  •  We can get your market for the sale of your products in India.
  • We can assist to set up a manufacturing unit for solar cell/panels/ inverter in India.
  • Guide you for availing various benefits available at various state of India under make in India scheme.
  • We can also help you to get partners Assist you to get land, all related Govt approvals, Power connection and market in  India.
  • We can arrange a local contractor for various civil and electrical work for setting up plants anywhere in  India.
  • We can assist you to get/identify local contractors for setting up Township for your officers and staff.
  • We can assist you for selection of land for manufacturing unit, office, and township.
  • We can do a feasibility study for the same and prepare a tender for various electrical works along with technical specifications and evaluate the contractor.
  • We can arrange complete work starting from design to completion of the factory building.
  •  We can help arrange supervision during execution as per design and specifications.
  • We can help arrange local skilled/unskilled labour required for manufacturing unit. service centers
  • We can arrange training for them.
  • We can assist you to get various local items (Good Quality and cheaper ) from the Indian market if required for manufacturing of the product and also during setting up the manufacturing unit/office.
  • Many EPC players/Developers are our members so we can pursue them to go for your products.
  • There are many state and central Govt Tenders are coming off huge capacity. We can provide details of such tenders.
  • We can help create a distributor /dealer network for your products for India.
  • We are having Regulatory experts and consultant so we can assist you in regulatory affairs.
  • We can assist you in marketing your new products in the Indian market
  • we can arrange to get your local partners.

   Volunteers Members

Solar Association requires volunteers for the following

 Creating Awareness about Solar Association distribute literature among friends and colleagues or put up posters in restaurants, offices etc. directing people to our website  to create awareness about our work.

Collecting information relevant to Solar Association:    

 Leads of Indian Corporate houses, high-profile individuals, mailing lists or directories of Indian Associations/clubs Information of ethnic Indian publications, newsletters of Indian clubs/associations etc. Information on local events to be held in the near future, fairs, exhibitions targeting Indians. Information on Indian student’s  Solar Association’s, in Colleges and Universities.

 Fund Raising:

  Motivate people to become Solar Association active and persuade them to send donations directly to Solar Association. Collect donations on behalf of the Solar Association, strictly via Cheques /Demand Drafts/ encouraging people to donate online at

  Terms and Conditions Members should adhere to:

  • The organisation /Member become the Member of the Solar Association after it has been accepted/ approved by the advisory committee of Solar Association which meets once in two months.
  • The outcome of the application will be intimated to the applicant within 10 days of the advisory committee meeting
  • Annual subscription feels the organisation should submit, audited statement, annual report every year.
  • Non-renewal of membership shall amount to cancellation of memberships.
  • Solar Association has the right to cancel the membership if it finds members violating rules and regulations of Solar Association or any acts which shall not be considered moral and ethical.
  • Solar Association is not a funding agency; however, it facilitates funding opportunities for its members.
  • The Members seeking financial help from Solar Association shall fill-in separate form which will be given after becoming a member.
  • The Member should not post any material that is illegal, spam or considered improper by the members.
  • The Member shall not send any documents or materials without proper virus scanning.
  • The Members are requested to check the emails daily and be in touch with Solar Association
  • Solar Association’s Member should take an earnest interest in participating in the programme of Solar Association We expect members to contribute and help other members of the network.
  • Members should take the responsibility of updating their profile and contact details with Solar Association.
  • Solar Association has the right to edit the contents given by the members and reserve the right to publish or withhold.
  • No cash donations may be collected by any members. As far as possible, motivate people to send their donations via Cheques/DDs directly to Solar Association’s
  • Members are not permitted to use Solar Association’s stationery as their own.
  • Members may not release any material pertaining to Solar Association’s, in the media (TV/ radio/magazines/newspapers/newsletters etc.), without seeking Solar Association’s prior approval