Solar association had its grand networking event “Nayi Urja” on 20th Nov’2018 (10 AM – 6 PM) at Hotel Holiday Inn, Aerocity, New Delhi where National and international prominent personality on Solar and E-mobility came together to brainstorm on reshaping Solar sector and build New Indian leadership in electric vehicles.

This event brought the opportunity to deliberate with the experts on the fast-evolving Technology disruption, trends and practices and to define the path ahead on various ambiguities in minds. The gathering of 100+ selected participants and experts has elaborated on the focused agenda covering first-time such relevant topics that one can’t afford to miss.

Discussion and interactions helped to define actions for the benefit of Country & Industry at large.


The participants and experts gathering started since early morning around giving an opportunity for informal interactions on various issues and concerns, networking with High tea.

  1. The formal function started with a welcome note by Mr. Tony Randhawa followed by lighting the lamp by all invitee experts on the Dias.
  2. Mr. Tony Randhawa then invited the legendary Expert duo Mr. Elston Fernandez and Mr. YK Jain to steer the forum and manage the interactions of the day
  3. Mr. Elston Fernandez, a gem having diverse exposure in life, has briefed about the association, its activities, and vision. He briefed the audience about his teammate Mr. YK Jain, a leading Smart City & renewable sector consultant and invited him to present the focus and agenda of the day.

    4. Mr. Y K Jain expressed the turmoil the Solar industry is going through and looking for directions to sail through. The sector is also seeing emerging sector e-mobility and would like to update their knowledge on how to venture into. He briefed the program agenda focused on interactions on the following topics :


E-mobility: Business opportunities introduction

  • Update on e-mobility sector (E-vehicles, storage, charging infrastructure etc.) and business opportunities
  • Update on the e-mobility Market potential, upcoming new product & solution,
  • Update on manufacturing growth prospects in India, Govt. policies, incentives, support etc.
  • Update on passenger vehicles, Cars, two-wheels, e-rickshaw etc. segments. New products and performances
  • Issues & challenges of the sector


E-mobility Business opportunities: E-Vehicle physical Infrastructure 

  • How to start Manufacturing in India – Charging, Battery, Vehicle etc. in a big way
  • What is the expected trends and demand for Indian manufacturers (Domestic & Global)
  • How can India take lead in manufacturing ahead of any other country and dominate the industry the way China has done in Solar


Smart Transport: Intelligent Infrastructure business opportunities    

  • Update on the requirement of infrastructure for the adoption of e-mobility
  • Update on technology and systems for Charging point infrastructure, Billing & collection system etc.
  • Update on smart road integrating various smart technologies such as smart toll, 24×7 energy backup for lights, security, surveillance & control, Control network management, traffic management, automation, display & remote monitoring, SCADA & Smart Grid integration etc.


  1. SOLAR

Solar Sector current trends and way forward: Govt. relations, policy etc.     

  • Update on the various policies by the Govt. for Solar.
  • Update on the various tenders and upcoming business prospects and suggested strategy for participation
  • Update on Solar Industry’s challenges faced due to Govt. Policy issues, taxation issues, customs issues etc. by developers, manufacturers, EPCs etc.
  • Suggested Action plan on common pain points hindering further growth- Taxation (GST, SafeGuard Duty etc.), by the association/organizations/ Govt. etc.


Solar Sector current trends and way forward: Industry Commercial issues   

  • Update on current trends on tariff discovery in various tenders, progress on such tenders, on-ground projects commissioned
  • Update on court orders on various hearings & petitions of developers
  • Issues and challenges of the Solar developers
  • Issues and challenges of Indian Solar manufacturing sector
  • Discussion and Action on common pain points hindering further growth- Commercial issues (Tariff, bidding mechanism, decision delays & cancellations etc.)


Solar Sector current trends and way forward: Industry Technical issues       

  • Update on quality issues of projects executed
  • Update on technical challenges & issues of Indian Manufacturing
  • Update on new technologies and integration by Indian Manufacturing
  • Update on the performance of the existing rooftop plants, challenges & technical issues faced by system integrators
  • Discussion and Action on common pain points hindering further growth- Technical issues (BIS testing-Product, Quality, design, service, specifications, import, technology, manufacturing, collaboration, skill development etc.)


This was then followed by the presentations and deliberations by the invited experts. The MC duo has then weaved the session flawlessly gluing the audience till evening.


 Dr. Kuldeep Singh Scientist (BEST) from CSIR NPL, has started the first technical discussion and given a detailed understanding of the storage. He briefed the participants on the various technology and developments in battery storages and applications, its ranges and given a broad understanding of a selection of technology for the purpose.


(Dr. Kuldeep Singh is a well-known expert in design & development of Lithium-ion Battery for the next generation. He is the lead scientist at CSIR-CECRI for development of India’s first indigenous lithium-ion technology which is transferred to Rasi Solar Energy Pvt Ltd, Bangalore. Currently, he is incubating on the development of long-life lithium titrate (LTO) battery for E&S and EV with more than 10000 cycles fife at 1000 cost. Apart from this scientifically he has one patent and more than 25 research papers publications to his credit and he is also a member of many govt. committees for ESS and EV policy.

Dr. Ashutosh Rastogi, Former Group Member – Planning Commission, GOI has managed to bring the E-Mobility a diverse subject on canvas to all in structured manure, covering and introducing every aspect in a very interactive manner well connecting with the audience.covered all the applications using Electrical energy in transport & vehicles including storage Such as E-Rickshaw, E-Buses, Passenger cars, Charging infrastructure. His inputs on the sector, updates on technologies, govt. investments glued the audience and the interactions lasted for an hour.

(Dr. Ashutosh Rastogi, Former Group Member – Planning Commission, GOI. Worked with Dr. Abdul Kalam in vision20 document. Introduced CNG in Delhi. Led to the development of KG Basin. Director of Health @WNNGO in New York. Have more than 100 patents and publications and author of the Iconic book “India of our dream”      

Mr. Sachin Agrawal, Functional Head- Solar, Godrej & Boyce has covered the commercial aspects of the Solar Sector. His crisp address covered all the current challenges faced by the Solar Industry including updates and his suggestions to work forward. 

He has advised the audience to be cautious on taxation and prefers to follow the WCT structure in GST when the scope is not pure supply and contract is non-divisible.

(Mr. Sachin Agrawal, Functional Head- Solar, Godrej & Boyce. He is heading Solar Vertical and has industrial experience of more than 15 years with L&T, Reliance, Jindal etc. NIT graduate with specialization PGDM from Great Lakes, Chennai has numerous awards includes ICON Award, L&T Power Contribution of Noteworthy significance etc.)                  

Mr. Amarnarayana, IAS (retd.) has brought the holistic update on E-Mobility subject covering practical implementation aspects and connecting the audience with his own demonstration story of using e-vehicle 1st time in a Govt office.

His enrichment shared on business opportunities in the sector, updates on technologies, govt. policies, investment ideas glued to the audience and the interactions stretched to an hour.


(Mr. Amarnarayana, IAS (retd.). The Served State of Karnataka for 32 years has a Master’s Degree in Political Science and Law Degree and TCT Fellowship from Leister University, U.K.

Currently serving as President, Vision Karnataka Foundation for Nation building.

First Transport Commissioner in the country to use Electric Car to commute from office to home and vice versa.  First to permit operation of Electric Bus in Bangalore.

As an avid environmentalist always interested in innovative eco-friendly ideas has many recognitions to his credit such as “Karnataka State & UNEP Environment Award 2012”, “Green Efficiency Award at Green Summit  – 2014”, “Guardians of Nature Award 2018 at  Mt. Abu.” 

 Mr. Kapil Maheshwari, CEO, Hinduja Renewables, made a interesting presentation which covered the intelligent aspects with graphical illustration of various statistics and sectoral development of Storage, E-Mobility sector such as Storage development in various applications, comparison of various Li-I technologies & their future road-map, Challenges and possible solution of large-scale storage, Price parity of EV vs ICE, Energy Demand & future aspects, convergence of Energy & E-Mobility, Challenges of adoption of EV, cyber-security aspects, battery recycling, EV Charging infrastructure etc. in detail.


(Mr. Kapil Maheshwari, CEO, Hinduja Renewables. Has more than 15 years of experience in Solar with design & implementation of over 400MW in USA, Germany, and India. M. Tech in Electrical Energy and IIM Bangalore, he also has PMP in project management, green belt in Six Sigma and his writings are published in various conferences and magazines).

                               Dr. SMH Zaidi has discussed on the alternate of conventional fuel and improvements brought by his researches and very interesting to adopt such technologies which not only improves our habitat but also enhances countries financial health by reducing fuel import at an affordable cost as well a great opportunity for the rural earning potential.

(Dr. SMH Zaidi, Microbiologist, and scientist invented an eco-fuel, biofertilizer after 20 years of research which can replace the use of chemical, good organic improving productivity by 30-50%. As an advisor to many industrial associates & forums has personally ventured to the next phase of planning and awareness.)


Mr. Om Taneja, Associate Director, IWTMA, illustrated the development of the wind-Solar Hybrid application and examples of projects. The potential is huge for the synergy and working together of the industries. His immense knowledge of the sector was quite helpful for the audience to understand the dynamics and economics of the sector.

(Mr. Om Taneja, Associate Director, IWTMA. Has 50 years of dedicated contribution started around 1967 to Electricals, Steel, Power –Thermal / Hydro / Geo-Thermal & Wind and completed >100MW of installations working with L&T Bhilwara group and other companies.

Presently Associate director of Indian Wind turbine manufacturers associations 

Mr. Debi Prasad Das, Director, IESA has briefed on the initiatives and knowledge sharing potential of his organization and updated on the current policies of the govt on the energy storage.

(Mr. Debi Prasad Das, Director, IESA Indian Energy Storage Alliances. Has 9 years of industrial experience actively involved in the policymaking of storage & EV’s, part of BIS committees, part of Indo German Energy Forum working group on Grid modernization .is dedicated for development of Grid, renewable energy sector)



Dr. Basu Prasad Saklani, ex TERI -R&D head, has very well summed up the session on Solar Energy, explained the technology, critical design considerations, Products and applications, present trends and rooftop projects etc. His technical background helped the participants to learn through the various minor technical aspects used in day to day operations.

(Dr. Basu Prasad Saklani, ex-Teri, R&D head has rich experience in the design & development of the technology since long. He is passionate to support the young generation in training and using the technology)


Mr. Elstan Fernandez,  Solar Association has proven to be the best master of ceremony of such knowledge sharing sessions by his impromptu experience enlightenment related to subjects of the speakers threaded and weaved between the sessions.   Claps and applaud was like part and parcel of his quick deliveries of masterstrokes.