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Higher RPOs to help India meet 175 GW renewable target: Greenpeace

Greenpeace India today said renewable purchase obligation (RPO) target of 21 per cent by 2022 will help India meet 175 GW renewable energy goal by 2022, but RPO compliance by discoms is critical. "The Union government's decision to increase RPO of state distribution [...]

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China’s Jinko to produce solar panels in Florida by 4th quarter despite tariffs

NEW YORK, June 19 (Reuters) - Chinese manufacturer JinkoSolar Holding Co Ltd expects to start manufacturing solar panels at a new factory in Jacksonville, Florida, by the fourth quarter, and production will not be affected [...]

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Power Grid, Nagpur admin to set up floating solar panels in Gorewada lake

Nagpur: If all goes well, Nagpur will be having India’s first ‘floating solar power project’ very soon. It has been proposed to install a solar power plant to cut electricity expense of the Gorewada lake plant, [...]

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Tariffs policy ambiguities blocking India road to green future

  Though still heavily dependent on coal-fired power, India is fast turning to cleaner sources of energy. Evidence: Solar installations in 2017-18 were double that of coal additions, which declined 28 percent over the year. [...]

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Trump Tariffs on Chinese Solar and Battery Products to Have Minimal Impact

With Chinese solar imports already flagging, new tariffs shouldn’t further damage the industry A Monday announcement that the Trump administration would consider adding a 10 percent tariff on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods has [...]

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EU looks into extending import controls on Chinese solar panels

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission is examining whether to extend measures to control imports of solar panels from China, a move that could fuel tensions with Beijing which had welcomed plans to phase them [...]

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