Odisha requires 30,110 MU power by ’19-20

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Odisha requires 30,110 MU power by ’19-20

13 Sep 2018

The electricity consummation by various categories of consumers in the State will increase to 30,110 million units (MU) by the year 2019-20.

Energy Minister Sushant Singh informed this in the State Assembly in response to a question of Congress MLA Krushna Chandra Sagaria on Wednesday.

While domestic consumption is expected to be 9,751 MU, commercial consumption will be 2,409 MU by 2019-20. Similarly, 109 MU will be required for public lighting, 319 for public water works, 339 MU for irrigation, 412 MU for industries LT, 6,933 MU for industries HT, 1255 MU for railway traction, 373 bulk supply and 8,210 MU required for T and D losses.

During the current year, the Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission has allowed the Gridco to purchase 26,804 MU from sources like State hydro projects (5,882 MU), OPGC (2,913 MU), TTPS (NTPC) (3,376), IPPs (7,890 MU), small hydro (320MU), biomass energy (80 MU), wind energy (22 MU), solar energy (680 MU), Central hydro projects (914 MU) and Central thermal project (4,728 MU).

Besides, the State would get 660 MW as its share from the OPGC’s 1320 MW expansion projet and 800 MW front he NTPC’s 1600-MW Darlipali power station to meet its requirement, said the Minister.

News Source: The Pioneer

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