The concept of solar villages

With majority population in India living in villages, growing the food for us and fulfilling our basic needs are deprived of basic amenities like electricity, clean drinking water, medicine and other daily needs.
The young children who are dreaming big in the dark nights of the village, who can gaze the clear sky and aim to reach the stars can be shown little light for paving their path towards success. The little and small steps of our Organization is to help the village dwellers to get their basic right of necessity. Hence we have started the mission of spreading light in all the villages at night by harnessing the Sun’s energy during the daytime. Our aim is to alleviate the poverty through the clean and cheap energy technologies which will accelerate to empower our rural community and help in the social, moral and ethical development.
The solar lamps will bring light to all the houses, small commercial hubs in villages like shops, dispensaries etc. The health issues caused due to the burning of oil or kerosene lamp will be eradicated as the air will not hold any unburnt carbon particles to cause respiratory diseases like asthma. The fear of the accidental outbreak of fire at night due to lamps is also eradicated with the use of solar lamps.
The solar village will also provide the solar power to all the public buildings like schools, hospitals, places of worship and community center. The installation of solar water pumps, solar panels will make the life of all the villagers more comfortable and habitable. The youth of villagers will be trained to maintain the equipment’s and devices that will work on solar energy. The on-site service will be a key component and important added factor.
The sustainable development is the keyword for the growth of any country. The Solar energy Organization will ensure the installation of the best solar equipment’s and devices with the best output efficiency and will be cost effective. Only tried and tested technology is implemented.

Another aspect of village life……

Water the basic need of every individual is not easily available in villages of India. To collect 5-10 liters of water the women and girls of the family travel more than 10 miles a day by carrying the buckets or jars on head and shoulders, this adds to health issues.
Water is required for all household chores, apart from drinking. The young girls and boys instead of studying help their parents in fetching water. To overcome the problem of collecting water throughout the day our NGO has the solution, it can help the villagers by setting up off-grid solar-powered water filtration systems.& A typical system consists of a set of solar panels connected to a motor that pumps water out of a well into a large overhead tank in the village through a network of underground pipes. A light-weight and compact water filtration unit are attached to the overhead tank, which filters the water and supplies to various taps in the village. The filtration unit does not need electricity to function.
Water from the overhead tank is delivered to the taps via gravity, thus reducing energy consumption.

Our aims:
Power supply to each house for light, TV and mobile charging.
Power supply for schools, hospitals, and Community Centre.